New ideas on Software & Computing.

Webtronika  is born as a new page dedicated to show us new and interesting ideas related to programming, applied electronics and, above all, to the mixture of all these themes.


Our first project will be split in two parts.


Part I : PNGCypher Project for Windows.

Part II : PNGCypher Project for Android users.

What are we talking about?

Many of us are concerned about the security of our keys, coordinate cards, credit card data, seeds of our bitcoins and any confidential information that we should save and consult from time to time.

We need to consult them often but writing down and taking them with us is not very advisable.

This is the reason to launch this small project for simple data protection.

Idea is the following:

1) Create an image of the document / data to be encrypted.

2) We encrypt it by masking it into a standard graphic format.

3) We will copy – encrypted files – in an App that we can carry in our mobile phone.

4) We can consult it using a key/password decided only by us.

5) We will control both the encryption / decryption application and the Mobile App.

Of course, it is not a 100% guaranteed system but it can give us more reliability than any downloaded application for the following reasons:

* It is based on a simple and personalized obfuscation method just for us.

* We will decide the complexity of the program and develop (or compile) the program.

* We will install the secure files on our mobile (Android) directly.

* We are going to develop our Android Control App.

* We will not need extra permissions for “strange” permissions/access to our terminal.

* In short … we will control the whole process.